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The Original Squeaky Cheese Curds

River Rat Cheese

Q: “Why are shipping costs so high?”

A: We expedite majority of our shipments to ensure the highest quality of our products. Without preservatives, like other cheese brands contain, our items need to remain refrigerated and shipped quickly. 

We foil and ice majority of our items to guarantee fresh, delicious products.

*Add an insulated cooler at checkout for extra protection.

Cheese Fact #1

A little crunch in your cheese? Those bits are called tyrosine, and they’re actually amino acid clusters that form with age, a sign of a well-aged cheese!

Cheese Fact #2

Cheese is most flavorsome when eaten at room temperature.

Cheese Fact #3

Salt is necessary in cheese curds! It prevents bacteria from growing. It also is used as a preservative; dries the cheese and firms it; enhances the flavor!

Welcome to River Rat Cheese!

Located in the Heart of Clayton, NY

River Rat Cheese offers a vast array of New York State Cheddars. Our cheese ranges from mild, perfect with a glass of wine…to 16-year-old sharp, the bite that will bite back! We also offer many flavored cheddars that can make any get together enjoyable with a plate of cheese and crackers. Our Cheese Curd is known for it’s great squeak! 

How we package our Cheese

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  242 James Street     Clayton, NY 13624