Mean & Nasty 8 oz

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Our well-loved, raw milk cheddar cheese is aged a minimum of 18 months.  It has a 0creamy cheddar flavor with a bit of an afterbite.  A favorite of outdoorsmen (and women!).

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A clear-wrapped, 8 oz. piece of Mean and Nasty cheddar cheese;  aged a minimum of 18 months;  made with RAW MILK.  Gluten-free.

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Weight .52 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 2 × 2 in

8 reviews for Mean & Nasty 8 oz

  1. Penelope

    The. Best. Cheddar.

  2. Nancy Chambers

    Best cheddar ever!!!!!

  3. Mark D Miller Verified Owner

    This is a robust cheddar with a smooth texture. Slightly sour but the richness is amazing….A must try! I Give it a 5!

  4. Julia

    Thinking about purchasing this cheese? Do it! Creamy texture and amazing flavor.

  5. Bruce W Sancomb

    Amazing Cheddar, I eat cheddar cheese every day and have tried many. This is my new favorite.

  6. Katrina

    Can’t stop eating this! Delicious! And so good for you!!

  7. Marci

    My very favorite cheddar! Would drive to Clayton if I couldn’t get it here !

  8. Christopher Taylor

    Simply put, a unique cheddar. Flavorful, full bodied, and delicious. Great texture, and glorious aftertaste. I am an Artisan cheesemaker myself, and I can’t WAIT get get my tastebuds on some more of this!

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